Trevor finds love in USA

Trevor finds love in USA

LOVE BIRDS: Trevor and Jordyn

Model Jordyn Taylor has stolen the local boytjie's heart.

Trevoh Noah is all loved-up in the USA.

SABC3 Talk Show host Anele Mdoda jetted to New York to interview The Daily Show host and he opened up about love, life and everything else.

Trevor has been dating sexy model Jordyn Taylor but has tried to keep their relationship out of the Hollywood spotlight.

When Anele asked about his love life, he told her he’s “very much in love”.

And then he shared some advice on
happiness as well, saying: “I work on being happy, happiness is hard work, it’s a choice. Happiness is something that you chose to be.”

He adds: “People take for granted that happiness is something that you can achieve. Focus on being happy now, when I go back and I think about growing up in the township, and playing games with nothing, it brought us so much joy. This proves that you can be happy with what you have.”

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