Treasure our elderly

Treasure our elderly

GIVING BACK: Yusuf Joey Davids, family and friends at their annual Muharram event at Wittebome Civic Centre

Never let anyone, or circumstance, come between you and your aged family members.

On Saturday past, the owner of Xtreme Minstrels, Yusuf “Joey” Davids, and his family and friends held their annual Muharram event for the elderly. The event was held in the Wittebome Civic Centre — and it was jam-packed!

This thikr, lunch and entertainment project is in its 11th consecutive year and one really has to admire all the hard work and effort that goes into it.

Every year, between 900 and 1000 elderly people from the Cape Flats community – irrespective of religion – are treated.

The public, various old age homes and frail care centres are usually invited, and this event has become a highlight on the calendar for many.

Sixty-year-old Joey has been doing this since he turned 50.

He says: “The idea of charity and giving to others was instilled in us by our parents, who are no longer with us today. And instead of wasting money on expensive birthday parties every year, I much prefer to do this.”

Like Xtreme Minstrels and their owner, there are many troupes who have charitable projects running and who do not need accolades and pats on the back for it.

In fact, I had to beg Joey to allow me to cover this event, as he did not want the publicity.

I certainly understand and respect those who do not want their good deeds publicised, but I also feel that our community has so many unsung heroes and heroines who often do not get the credit they deserve.

One of these groups of unsung heroes is our elderly.

As people get older, we tend to forget who they are and how much they have done for us.

And it’s immensely sad to see how bad some adult children treat their parents.

Do they not realise what a privilege it is to still have their
parents around?

It was so lovely to see all these golden oldies beautifully dressed and enjoying themselves with the likes of The Golden Strings, the George brothers and Gakeem Roman at the Davids family’s Muharram event.

I think in your twilight years, time and health are more precious than money.

So to those who still have parents, make the sincere effort to spend more time with them.

Though it can be tiring, if they like the klopse and the nagtroepe, take them to see it.

If their grandchildren are playing in the bands, take them along to band practice once in a while.

And in general, just try and spend more time with your parents.

If you have a spouse who doesn’t like your parents and does not want to visit them, then leave them at home, take the children and go alone!

Don’t ever let a dramatic wife or husband affect your relationship with your parents!

Your parents reared you through struggle and strife — do not abandon them, when they wish to be with you most.

Joey Davids says it is his wish to have his Muharram event for the elderly for many years to come, and wishes to thank everyone involved with it over the years.

“I would like to say a big shukran and thank you to my amazing family and friends who so selflessly give of themselves to make our Muharram programme a success every year,” he says.

“It’s a really nice feeling when you can put a smile on an old person’s face. May we all be granted the strength to do it for many years to come Inshallah.”

Joey will be celebrating his birthday on Sunday, November 20, and his troupe, the Xtreme Minstrels, are gearing up to have a lekker Road March party on that day. Watch this space.

Our community ROCKS!

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