‘Train surfer not a thief’



September 9, 2016
‘Train surfer not a thief’

GONE: Abdul Aziz Bruce, 32

The man who shocked to death on top of a train was allegedly on his way to work.

Family of a man who died after he was electrocuted on the roof of a train while train surfing says he was not a thief.

Abdul Aziz Bruce, 32, from Manenberg was on his way to work and he was only on the train’s roof because the carriage was full and he did not want to be late for work, says his grieving mom, Sylvia Bruce, 64.

She says according to witnesses who spoke to the family, the dad of three was one of 40 people who got onto the train as it was leaving Netreg Station on Wednesday morning.

Sylvia says they now plan to sue a Cape Town newspaper who called her son a thief.

She says Abdul Aziz was a truck driver for Birch’s Transport in Kensington, owned by her sister in law.

He leaves behind his wife, Rushana, 30, and three young children.

A crying Sylvia says she only found out her son was dead when someone came to show her a photo of him lying dead on the train’s roof.

“My son was not a thief or a gangster. He was loved by all who knew him and worked hard to provide for his family. He was just trying to get to work on time, not stealing,” she sobs.

His sister Renee Stoffels says she got Abdul Aziz as he was running towards the station.

“He said he was late for his train, but stopped to ask me for a R10, which I gave him.”

His brother Jeremy Bruce says Abdul Aziz’s cellphone, charger and headphones was found in his hands.

“He is horribly burnt and half of his face is destroyed,” he says sadly.

Prasa has said it is investigating the incident along with police.

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