Traffic blitz coming in October



October 3, 2016
Traffic blitz coming in October

BEWARE: Warning issued to repeat offenders

Cops to clamp down on offenders and promote road safety during Transport Month.

The City of Cape Town’s traffic service will clamp down on serial offenders over the next few weeks.

October is Transport Month, placing transport infrastructure projects, the use of public transport, and the promotion of road safety in the spotlight, mayoral committee member for safety and security, JP Smith, said yesterday.

“With this in mind, the City of Cape Town’s traffic service will be stepping up operations, targeting outstanding warrants, with a particular emphasis on habitual and serious offenders.

“Intensive operations using the City’s automatic number plate recognition system will take place over the next week.”

As part of this initiative, each traffic service district would be handed a list of outstanding warrants to execute in their area – in some cases up to 1000.

“There are a significant number of residents within our city who wilfully ignore the traffic fines they accumulate in the belief that these fines will just disappear, or that the City will not follow up. In many cases these are the same residents who think that speed limits, parking restrictions, and licensing regulations do not apply to them,” Smith says.

If a driver had a double contempt of court warrant, a bench warrant, or more than three warrants against their name where the summonses were personally served, they would be arrested immediately.

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