‘I’m too scared to go out’



September 8, 2016
‘I’m  too scared to go out’

VICTIM: Kayla Visser, 20

Pregnant woman, who was ‘beaten to lose her baby’, fears attackers at large.

A pregnant woman who was kidnapped and assaulted by two men, allegedly at the instruction of her unborn baby’s father who does not want the child, fears for her life because her attackers are still free.

The 20-year-old Kayla Visser, who is four-months pregnant, hasn’t left her house since she was kidnapped on August 25.

Her baby survived the attack, and its father has been arrested.

Kyla’s worried mom Christeline Fielies says: “She is just at home. She is very quiet but seems better when her friends visit her.”

She adds that her daughter struggles to sleep at night.

“It hurts to see my daughter who was so spontaneous and outgoing before, now like this.

“But we’re just happy that the baby is fine. She went for an ultrasound and it shows that the baby is woelig,” says Christeline.

Kayla disappeared on Thursday, August 25 from her granny’s home in Hexpark, Worcester, after apparently going to meet the father of her unborn baby Godwin Capes, to discuss her pregnancy.

It is alleged that Capes, who is engaged to another woman and was supposed to move in with her soon, wanted Kayla to abort the baby, but she refused.

Kayla told police Capes took her to a deserted spot in Worcester where two other men, believed to have been hiding in the boot of the car, got out and choked her until she lost consciousness.

When she woke up, she was in the boot with her hands tied and a cloth stuffed in her mouth.

She was beaten for a second time in bushes near Robertson where her attackers left her after she pretended to be dead.

Kayla crawled to a farm to get help and was taken to hospital.

Capes, who was arrested on August 28, abandoned his bail application in Worcester Magistrates’ Court last week.

According to reports, a stick and one of Kayla’s earrings were found in Capes’ car, which was confiscated by cops after he crashed into a wall in Worcester.

Police spokesman Constable Noloyiso says the investigation is ongoing.

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