Tokai murder deal



September 19, 2016
Tokai murder deal

BRUTALLY MURDERED: Franziska Blöchliger

One of the murder-accused to enter into plea bargain with State.

One of the alleged killers of 16-year-old schoolgirl Franziska Blöchliger is ready to enter into a plea bargain offered by the State.

The Westlake man who was once adamant “possible video footage” could prove his innocence, has changed his tune.

The details of what Jerome Moses is prepared to admit were not divulged when he appeared in the Wynberg Magistrates’ Court on Friday.

However, it was placed on record that he was satisfied with the State’s offer.

The deal is expected to be finalised by his next court appearance on October 17, reports the Weekend Argus.

Moses was not linked to the rape, robbery and murder of Franziska via DNA, and was only implicated as having sold the meisie’s iPhone to his co-accused, Daniel Easter.

But the investigation has since been completed and Moses has now had a change of heart.

Moses is the son of a prison warder but was chased away from the Westlake community because of his criminal activities.

He was joined in the dock on Friday by Easter, Jonathan Jonas and Howard Oliver.

Oliver is also negotiating a plea bargain with the State, but his attorney, Monique Carstens, said she was waiting for the State to supply her with further details.

Oliver is the only one who has been linked to the crimes via DNA, but it is the State’s case that Franziska’s injuries were so severe he could not have acted alone.

The girl had gone for a jog through Tokai forest and had arranged to meet her mother and sister at a point, but failed to arrive.

She had been raped and sodomised, and suffocated to death by having her face pressed against the ground and being throttled.

The suspects were nabbed after cops tracked an app on Franziska’s cellphone.

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