Together forever



September 30, 2016
Together forever

Gabieba,76, and Yusuf Scott,78. CREDIT: Patrick Louw

Delft couple celebrate 59 years of marriage after meeting as teens.

This Delft couple have proven puppy love can stand the test of time.

Gabieba, 76, and Yusuf Scott, 78, celebrated their 59-year anniversary on Thursday.

And the bubbly couple are as in love today as they were on the day they set eyes on each other nearly 60 years ago.

When asked what the secret was to over five decades of happy marriage, Gabieba says it’s all about love and understanding.

“A marriage is all about love, compassion, trust and understanding one another. You also have to have a bond and connect with your partner. He is my best friend and when I knew the bond was there, I knew this would be my man forever,” Gabieba says.

HAPPY: Gabieba and Yusuf on their 59th wedding anniversary

The couple were married in 1957, three years after they met at a wedding, when Yusuf was 16 and Gabieba 14.

“The day I saw her at my cousin’s wedding, I was eyeing her all the way. We were together for three years before we got married and I’m glad to say I’ve met my soul mate,” Yusuf says, looking deeply into Gabieba’s eyes.

The couple say they have their “ups and downs” but can’t stay cross for each other, and the longest they’ve been separated was for an hour, says Yusuf.

Gabieba and Yusuf have nine children, 49 grandchildren, 38 great-grandchildren and 45 great-great grandchildren “with more on the way”.

Granddaughter Thuwaybah Burnes, 27, says her grandparents make her and her husband feel “old” with their loving ways.

Hulle maak ons soms skaam, they are always so affectionate and not shy about it. We can always go to them with any problem, whether it is personal or marital, and we would get the best advice. Ma always says God is testing us.

“I believe they are our angels God sent down to guide us,” Thuwaybah adds.

The couple celebrated their milestone with a prayer meeting last night, but Thuwaybah says they will “go big” next year for the 60th inshallah.

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