Toetie’s Bokke in a deep hole

Toetie’s Bokke in a deep hole

BROKEN AND BOWED: Swak Springboks are on their knees

SA rugby hits rock bottom with lack of team leadership.

What Springbok fans witnessed on the rugby field this year truly was heartbreaking.

Not since 1992 was the national team this bad.

Coach Allister Coetzee’s Saru job review is around the corner and he probably would have wanted to sidestep this after the Boks ended off their tour of the UK winless, with their latest defeat coming to Wales on Saturday.

Unfortunately for Coetzee he will walk straight into the firing line when the Boks set foot in Johannesburg today.

Having won only four of their 12 Tests this year, statistically speaking, Toetie’s Boks are the worse team since Naas Botha and his teammates kicked us back into international sport in 1992.

The Boks, under John Williams back then, only won one match in five outings. Williams didn’t stay after that and was replaced by Ian McIntosh as head coach.

I’m afraid Toetie will have to come up with a few really good reasons why he shouldn’t walk the same path as Williams.

Coetzee’s report card for 2016 won’t read well.

Not only do the results show that his Boks are the worst national team in 24 years, but they were also disjointed throughout the year with a clear lack of leadership in the squad.

Coetzee also failed to get the Boks to play a fancier game, while sticking to a skipper that had already announced his retirement midway through the season.

I had hoped that the rookies he selected for the Wales match would prove that the
country’s rugby still has a bright future.

But the Springboks are a dejected bunch.

It’s something indabas won’t fix. The players need to find their confidence and that comes from the top.

If your coaches aren’t
confident, there is no way the playing staff will be confident in executing the coaches’ ideas.

Saru president Mark Alexander has said that if they have to make tough calls, they will do so.

It will be a tough call for the rugby bosses to sack Coetzee, it will probably not serve them well in terms of then having to pay out the rest of his contract.

One option would be to get in a Director of Rugby – someone that oversees all the coaching staff. But I’m not a fan of this sort of post and doubt whether Coetzee will work like that.

This year’s record, though, shows that Coetzee isn’t the right man for the job.

Before this, the last time the Springboks had a win percentage of less than 50 percent was back in 2006.

Jake White followed it up by winning the World Cup the following year. Somehow I can’t see light at the end of the tunnel, though.

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