Three homes bombed in two weeks



November 14, 2016
Three homes bombed in two weeks

BLAZE: Scene of Wendy house in Miranda Street,Lost City,that burned.

Three wendy houses have been set alight and destroyed by arsonists in Mitchells Plain within two weeks.

The homes went up in flames in Miranda Street, Lost City, and two owners say members of the Americans gang are behind it.

The victim of the first house, which was set alight in the early hours of Friday, October 28, says the trouble began the day before when he had “a violent argument” with two members of the Americans gang who wanted to take his five litre can of paint.

“My father had given me the paint,” the 25 year old explains.

“These two Americans who we know in this area wanted to stab me and an argument broke out. One of them hit me with a pole also.

“They threatened me and said I am going to see what they are going to do to me.”

The man says that night he decided to sleep in the main house, owned by his dad, out of fear.

“They had actually flung two petrol bombs at my home.”

The fire spread to the next door neighbour’s wendy house where a mother and son escaped unharmed. A week later, the wendy house of a 28-year-old mother who lives one door away from the man, was also set alight.

The woman says: “The gang doesn’t like me because I do not keep my mouth for them and the Thursday before the fire they told they are going to do something, that I must watch out.”

She says her three year old daughter woke her up.

“The fire was right next to my bed. If she didn’t wake me up, we both would have died.”

Captain FC Van Wyk confirm a case of arson is being investigated, and arrests have been made yet.

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