‘Threats sent to activist’



November 5, 2016
‘Threats sent to activist’

CLAIM: Barbara Rass

Atlantis woman gets death threats after speaking out against gang violence.

An activist from Atlantis says she has received death threats after standing up against violence in the area.

A community leader and children and women’s rights activist, Barbara Rass, says she was sent threatening text messages after speaking out about the recent death of a two-year-old child who was killed by a stray gang bullet.

Braydon Graaff was shot and killed in Robinvale during a gang shootout on 22 October.

Police sources told Daily Voice that the violence in the area was the result of a bloody turf war between the Americans and the 28s gangs.

Rass says it appears criminal elements have erroneously attributed these claims to her rather than police as stated, and have now threatened her.

“I got an ugly threatening SMS on Wednesday afternoon. I won’t tell you what it said,” she explains.

“I never made that statement, whatever gang names were mentioned was not from me.”

She adds: “My intention has always been about helping people. I’m not and have never been a judgemental person, all I’m offering is hope and peace to the residents of Atlantis but these threats have caused a great deal of concern for me,” Rass told Daily Voice.

Three suspects, one aged 17 and two 18, have been arrested in connection with Braydon’s

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