This new salon has nailed it!



March 10, 2016
This new salon has nailed it!
great staff, great products & great prices

ON Tuesday we celebrated International Women’s Day.

And what better way to celebrate being a woman than by taking time out to take care of number one, yourself.

Because when a woman looks good, she feels good.

And when a woman feels good, she is more likely to feel more confident.

We all know a confident woman is a strong woman.

We love the idea of pampering ourselves, but it’s not often within our budgets to do so.

And when you do find cheaper services it often comes with inferior products and poor service.

I’ve been disappointed so many times by salon nail treatments that I’ve actually stopped going, and do my own nails now.

So often I leave a salon feeling like I’ve wasted my money and that I could’ve done a better job.

But it’s not just about painting your nails.

It’s about the overall experience of having someone else spoiling you while simply relaxing for a few minutes (and not stressing about that person messing up your nails).

So when an invitation to the media launch of Amazi Nail and Beauty Bar landed in my inbox, I have to admit, I was sceptical.

But there was one line in the invite that sparked my interest.

“This exciting salon concept offers affordable, high-quality and consistent beauty services, and Amazi employs women from previously disadvantaged communities.”

I decided to go.

Upon entering the salon, I was greeted by friendly, welcoming ladies in a comfortable setting.

I was led to my seat and made comfortable for a mani/pedi combo and offered something to drink.

The two lovely ladies who took care of me were Thandie, who did my mani, and Zandile, who handled my pedi.


During my treatment and chatting to these ladies, I understood the concept that is Amazi.

My first question to the ladies was how long have they been doing nails?

Their response freaked me out a bit. Let me explain why.

When they told me they’ve only been doing this for a few months, I almost pulled out of it.

I didn’t want inexperienced ladies working on my nails!

But by the time I walked out of the salon I thought to myself, these girls could really teach some of the more experienced technicians who have worked on my nails before a thing or two, because they did an incredible job.

Both Thandie and Zandile (all the Amazi ladies in fact) were selected from thousands of applicants to be trained by the SEW (Sorbet Empowering Women) foundation to become professional nail technicians.

The ladies went through three months of intense training.

Zandile admits the theory was the most difficult part, but thanks to some help from her daughter, she got through it.

Thandie always dreamt of working in the beauty industry but never had the means to do so.

She heard about this initiative, applied, and was selected.

Now she is happily doing what she always wanted to do.

So you’re probably wondering how much does all this cost?

Ladies, hold onto your panties, a mani/pedi combo will only cost you R220! YES! Believe it.

When I saw the price list I couldn’t believe how affordable it is.

So not only are they empowering previously disadvantaged women, but they are offering an excellent service at affordable prices.

Spearheading the launch of the brand as a platform for positive change is the dynamic Divya Vasant.

This is how she sums up Amazi: “A beauty brand that proves achieving excellence has nothing to do with a woman’s circumstance, and receiving excellence in service is a sign of respect that every woman is entitled to.

“We stand for excellence at value-for-money prices – with no sacrifice to cutting-edge, fresh trends and colour techniques.”

Having first hand (and foot) experience, I agree wholeheartedly.

Visit their first of many stores to come at Shop 16 (opposite Edgars) in Maynard Mall, Wynberg.

* For more info visit their website

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