The plot sickens



May 22, 2016
The plot sickens

GONE: Remains of Malibu Village mosque. CREDIT: Patrick Louw

Demolishing a mosque was a low blow for Government.

With all the shenanigans in Parliament, it’s easy to forget we have our own political issues to deal with right here in the Western Cape.

There was a red invasion on the Cape Flats this week as the EFF and Julius Malema came to koop gevriet in the townships ahead of the local elections.

The ou knows how to work a crowd, you have to give him that.

Inspecting the hokkies, taps, toilets and rubbish sites, he dissed the DA and the ANC on their service delivery.

Hold on. Just because Malema and his crew wear hard hats, now suddenly he’s Bob the Builder?


Meanwhile, lots of white property owners saw red when they heard what Juju had to say about taking back the land.

Touchy subject. This land issue is a ticking time-bomb and the EFF is doing a good job of adding fuel.

Speaking of sensitive issues, Munier is very disappointed at the way the Western Cape Government handled the issue of the Malibu Village mosque.

When the Department of Human Settlements learnt that the masjid was being built on “state property”, they labelled the mense “land invaders” and issued a warning to stop construction.

Never mind the community’s argument that they have paperwork to prove that they are the rightful owners of the plot, and even settled a R6 500 rates bills a few weeks ago.

Clearly, these mense were not opportunists, and someone needed to get to the bottom of the mess.

But as has become the norm with evictions in this province, it’s “bulldoze first and ask questions later”.

So last Friday morning – at 11am, one hour before Jumu’ah salaah – officials, cops and a wrecking crew pulled in and demolished the mosque.

Apparently it wan’t just a place of worship, it was also a site for a feeding scheme that serves 200 people every day.

Somewhere in Jahannam (hell) there is a special place for the officials behind this atrocity…

So Munier was really the moer in with government this week .

That was until Helen Zille popped up and launched a fantastic new initiative.

Munier has been saying for jare that you can’t solve the problem of gangsterism and drugs with policing alone.

You have to give communities, youngsters especially, alternatives to a life of crime.

They need education, opportunities and facilities.

That’s what the new Youth Safe-Hub offers – there’s an astro-turf soccer pitch, an internet cafe and mentorship programmes.

And it’s located in just the right place in Nyanga Junction, serving Manenberg and Gugulethu.

Well done, guys.

Thanks also to MEC Anroux Marais for visiting John Nicholson at his backyard library in Hillview.

He’s doing wonders for the kids in the community.

Now organise the guy a computer and WiFi internet, please man.

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