‘The Flash’ fights an electrifying baddie



September 8, 2016
‘The Flash’ fights an electrifying baddie

Don't miss 'The Flash' on SABC 3 tonight

So it’s not just e.tv that’s on a sci-fi streak, SABC3 has its own superhero, The Flash.

Tune in at 10.30pm when our main man Barry gets drained of his power by a bad guy who can control electricity.

But that might be the least of his problems, because when Dr Wells takes a look into the future, he discovers Barry is no longer part of the timeline.

In soapie world, there’s another missing case in Rhythm City (e.tv at 7pm). Almal is geworry oor Suffo who seems to have disappeared.

And don’t miss tomorrow’s episode, when Puleng works out that Suffo heard about Niki’s affair from Bash.

Eish, this Niki is in the middle of so much moeilikheid. Bash has tried to get her to gooi ’n lange, but she thinks she’s in the clear. And mense, next week the dinge is going to explode!

Then there’s a third missing situation on e.tv, the movie Dude Where’s My Car is on at 10.30pm (you’ll have to choose — sci-fi with The Flash, or a lekker lag movie).

If you haven’t seen the fliek, here’s what it’s about: Two daggakoppe wake up after a night of jolling and can’t remember where they parked their car.

As they go on a mission to find their ride, they discover they might be the only ones who can save the world!

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