Tell driver his fortune



May 17, 2016
Tell driver his fortune

SPEAK UP: Voice your unhappiness to the driver. CREDIT: Sourced

Sometimes commuters have to rek bek for better service.

I was in a taxi recently and the driver did something dangerous.

He dropped off a passenger and then refused to slip in behind a bus, so tried to pass it.

But the road was narrowing and he almost didn’t make it.

An angry aunty in the back seat gave him a piece of her mind. She told him that she has a job and a family to look after and he’d better drive properly or she’d get off.

And then she sommer checked him about his doef doef music also.

Other passengers mumbled in agreement and the rest of our journey was uneventfully tense and quiet. Even the gaatjie was tjoepstil, whereas before he was vol bek.

It got me thinking. You pay taxi fare and that means you deserve a service.

It’s not a nightclub on wheels with milk crates for seats! Don’t just sit there quietly while your life is flashing before your eyes. If he’s driving like a moegoe, then say something.

The other passengers may be thinking the same thing and are a bit scared to speak out.

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