Teen questioned over Valhalla Park murders



September 13, 2016
Teen questioned over Valhalla Park murders

SLAIN: Xavier Bester, 20, and Lekita Moore, 19

A 19-year-old man was brought in to help cops solve the case.

A 19-year-old man in Valhalla Park has been taken in for questioning to try and get to the bottom of both murders in the area.

It’s believed Xavier Bester, 20, was Lekita Moore’s berk, and was gunned down hours after her mutilated body was discovered.

Lekita was brutally killed, one of her nipples and part of her crotch area had been cut away.

When Xavier’s body was found hours later and 20 metres away from Lekita, police wanted answers from a man who lived not far from both victims.

The man whose name is known is known to the Daily Voice has not been charged but cops believe he can assist them in their investigation.

His family members confirmed that the cops came looking for him and that he was taken to the Bishop Lavis Police Station.

But the man’s family were also quick to add that he is not a gang member and that they don’t know if he can give the cops the answers they are looking for or help their investigation.

Police have once again appealed to anyone who can assist with information about Lekita and Xavier’s murders to contact the Bishop Lavis SAPS at 021 935 9803.

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