Teen gets his dream ball



October 3, 2016
Teen gets his dream ball

Anthony, 19, with his mom Petula and Laylah. CREDIT: Manqoba Nigidi

Matric boy gets a makeover and a queen as his date.

It rained buckets of blessings for this Delft family when Cape Flats Fairy Godmother Laylah Khan waved her magic wand last week.

Daily Voice readers and friends of drag queen Laylah krapped diep in their sakke to help matriculant Anthony Rossouw pull off his dream ball on Thursday night.

The 19-year-old, who attends Simunye High school in Delft, wrote in to the Daily Voice in September, asking for help with his matric farewell, and as a special request, to be escorted to the ball by Laylah.

Laylah read his SMS in Rek Jou Bek and immediately gathered her fairy dust to start working her special brand of magic.

She even agreed to accompany Anthony to his ball, which was held at the Ruslamere Hotel in Durbanville.

For the occasion, Laylah decked Anthony out in a dark suit with a lilac onderbaadjie, with a trendy haircut, while she herself had a dress specially made “in all the colours of the rainbow nation”.

Anthony wasn’t the only one fell under Laylah’s spell.

His mom Petula Rossouw could barely hold back tears when people started carrying in bags of groceries into her tiny home.

“Oh my God, God is so good, thank you Laylah and Daily Voice for your kindness, I even got eggs, now my chickens who provided eggs for us, can rest,” the excited mom smiled.

“And yoh, Anthony looks amazing, I could never have given him all this.”

Anthony gushed: “I have no words, I can’t wait for my friends to see me, and those who always made fun of me.”

“The look on my mother’s face is priceless, thank you, thank you, thank you.”

Anthony was also sponsored with a photographer to capture his night, and a Subaru sports car to drive him to the ball.

Layla says: “For me this is a perfect opportunity as I always wanted to go to my matric ball in a dress but couldn’t, this is as much a dream come true for me.”

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