Teen escapes ‘murderous rapist’



September 27, 2016
Teen escapes ‘murderous rapist’

ARRESTED: Suspect Jeremy Patroon, 20

Girl, 13, explains how 'she fled from death'.

A brave teenage girl fought off her alleged rapist as he dragged her to a canal where he threatened to kill her and dump her naked body.

The 13-year-old managed to escape from her attacker, running home in the pouring rain in nothing but her thin jacket.

Her alleged rapist has since been arrested.

Yesterday, the petite meisie opened up about her harrowing ordeal for the first time since the attack in March, telling Daily Voice she knew that if she didn’t fight her attacker, she’d be dead.

The teen, who lives in Lavender Hill, says she was walking to her grandmother’s house in Steenberg when Jeremy Patroon, 20, whom she only knew as a taxi gaatjie, approached her.

“I came home from the pool club but there was no one at home and I decided I was going to walk to my grandmother and it was already after 7pm,” she explains.

She says Patroon walked with her, although she “didn’t know him”.

SCENE: Teen says suspect threatened to kill her and dump her body in a canal in Steenberg

However, in Military Road he suddenly “attacked” her.

“He dragged me to the canal and as he was pulling me, I was beating him in the face,” she says with tears in her eyes.

“He pulled off my panty and began raping me from the back and front.”

“He said when he was done raping me, he was going to dump my body in the canal.

“But I told myself, I cannot stop fighting because I can’t let him finish me.”

Her desperate screams were heard by a passer-by who stopped but couldn’t make out what was going on in the dark.

She says Patroon “stopped”, and that was enough for her to escape.

“When he knelt down, pulling up his pants, I kicked him in the face.

“I grabbed my panty and my pants and ran to my grandmother’s home.”

The child’s aunt, 37, says they were horrified when the hysterical child arrived home “naked and bruised”.

“She kept saying ‘he raped me’. She was naked and only dressed in her pink jacket,” she says.

The family is now praying for Patroon to be jailed “forever”.

Patroon was denied bail at the Wynberg Magistrates’ Court last week.

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