Teaching assistant jailed for sleeping with minor



October 10, 2016
Teaching assistant jailed for sleeping with minor

Convicted sex offender Hamid Bhatti (lefft) and Zayn Malik

The UK man claimed the girls liked him because he looked like someone famous.

A UK teaching assistant who said pupils were attracted to him because he looked like former One Direction star Zayn Malik has been jailed for five years after having sex with a 15-year-old girl.

Hamid Bhatti, 24, said the girl and her pals smaaked him stukkend him because he resembled the sexy Malik, who has launched a solo career after leaving the popular boy band.

Suspicions were raised when the girl blew the maths assistant a kiss at the school in Yeovil, Somerset, and a teacher saw him “catch it” and send it back.

He was later sacked.

According to the Daily Mail, the pupil’s mother called the cops after finding a note from Bhatti saying: “You were amazing last night as always.”

A court heard that on their first date, while Bhatti still worked at the school, the pair kissed and cuddled in the then 22-year-old’s car and had sex later that week.

Bhatti, of Rochdale, claimed they only had sex after the meisie turned 16.

But he was convicted of two counts of sexual activity with a child between 2014 and 2015 at Taunton Crown Court.

Afterwards the girl’s mother, 40, said: “Girls at that age have raging hormones and Hamid got a lot of attention.”

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