Taking a fat chance

Taking a fat chance

COPYCATS: Weight loss firm's billboard with Kylie lookalike

Kylie to sue over poster lookalike.

Kylie Jenner is oor haar looks.

The reality TV star called in her legal eagles after spotting a lookalike model in a billboard advert for a weight loss campaign.

The advert promises to “freeze your fat” and the 19-year-old believes the company is “wilfully deceiving” potential clients into thinking she endorses their product.

Promotional material posted across Los Angeles over the weekend show a slender, brown-haired girl dressed in sexy lingerie alongside a web address and telephone number for local company DoctorFatOff.com.

The meisie, with her high cheekbones, lekker lippies and arched eyebrows, is a dead ringer for the little sister of Kim Kardashian.

So clearly they were taking a fat chance.

TMZ reports that the Kardashian-Jenner clan has since alerted their legal team in a bid to end the new campaign.

Kylie is known to share selfies of her lekker lyfie on Instagram, and even has an app — called Facetune — used to clean up selfies to make them blemish-free and ready to post on social media.

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