Swak zolkoppe plan to steal from Mr Big



October 31, 2016
Swak zolkoppe plan to steal from Mr Big

PUFF: Catch antics in Living High, e.tv at 10pm

What  the hell, e.tv? Don’t we have enough problems with drugs, and now you give us a movie about daggakoppe that’s supposed to be funny?

OK, maybe we’re being a bit harsh, we actually do need some laughs at this time of the year.

Living High (e.tv at 10.30pm) is about two stoners who get kicked out of their apartment, want hulle is afbiene.

So what do they do? They get involved in a plan to rip off a shady figure known as Mr Big.

Mense, season 28 of Survivor (SABC3 at 8pm) is heating up, with schemes getting shadier by the week.

The latest season, filmed in Cagayan in the Phillipines, kicked off at the beginning of the month. Tonight, one of the tribes considers deliberately losing an immunity challenge in order to bench one of their strongest players.

And in the reward challenge it’s the weak castaway that causes drama, and one of his/her teammates has a major meltdown!

Someone who won’t make it far on Survivor is Dintle from Scandal (e.tv at 7.30pm).

Shame, the poor girl always thought she had a knack for lying, but tonight she realises her “talent” is fading.

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