Strike at golf estate



October 21, 2016
Strike at golf estate

ACTION: Arabella staff

Workers forced to strike 100m from business entrance as per court interdict.

Workers of a larney golf estate claim they have been forced to strike in the bos by their employers.

About 30 workers of Arabella Hotel and Spa outside Kleinmond picketed at the side of the road opposite the estate’s entrance yesterday.

The workers embarked on the strike on Monday after wage negotiations reached a deadlock.

The hotel obtained an interdict which forces the workers to protest 100m away from the entrance.

“Basically this means we have to stand in the bushes where nobody will see us,” says Mandla Macebo, shop steward for the Independent Commercial, Hospitality and Allied Workers Union.

Workers are demanding that contract workers be permanently employed, that bosses pay 100 percent transport costs and a minimum wage of R4 500, that the interdict be withdrawn and that no disciplinary action be taken against strikers.

Contract workers earn R1 800 per month, of which R500 is deducted for UIF, provident fund, union fee and transport cost.

“If it weren’t for the tips we wouldn’t cope,” says Portia Nketu, 19.

Gilmar Marais, 29, a contract worker for the past three years, says even with overtime they don’t get what permanent workers earn.

Danny Bryer, Director of Sales, Marketing and Revenue Management at Protea Hotels by Marriott, says operations at the hotel is not affected and that negotiations would continue with workers to find a solution.

“Protea Hotels by Marriott does not disclose details of negotiations as this may impact in the right to privacy of our staff,” he states.

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