Strawberry and Raspberry Fluff Pudding



November 13, 2016
Strawberry and Raspberry Fluff Pudding


1 packet raspberry jelly

1 packet strawberry jelly

2 cups boiling water

1 tin evaporated milk chilled

Fruit for decoration

Optional cream for decoration


Mix the two packets of jelly with two cups boiling water until well dissolved and allow to cool.

Once jelly is cool, empty the evaporated milk into a large bowl and whisk, using an electric mixer, until it’s double in volume and fluffy. Now add the jelly to evaporated milk and mix well.

Put in serving bowl and allow to set for at least two hours in fridge. Decorate and serve chilled.

*Source: Cape Malay Cooking and  other delights

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February 22, 2017
February 22, 2017