Strangler’s lawyer dies



October 31, 2016
Strangler’s lawyer dies

PASSED AWAY: Advocate Koos Louw has died at age 61

The man who represented the notorious "Station Strangler" died on Sunday.

The lawyer of “The Station Strangler” has passed away on his birthday.

Advocate Koos Louw died on his 61st birthday at his home in Muizenberg on Sunday.

His daughter Ilana Louw, 30, says her father finally lost his battle against lung cancer.

Koos became Norman Afzal Simons’ lawyer more than 20 years ago and became known for wearing a ponytail which he vowed he would never cut until his client was found not guilty and set free.

Simons, a school teacher, was sentenced to 25 years for murder and 10 years for kidnapping.

Today, Simons is still viewed as one of the most feared and dangerous serial killers to have walked the streets after the decomposing bodies of 22 boys were found across the Cape Flats between 1986 and 1994.

But Simons was only convicted of one murder, that of Elroy van Rooyen, nine.

Koos didn’t keep his vow, and in 2011 chopped off his locks to create awareness about cancer, after a family friend’s teen daughter was diagnosed with leukemia.

Ironically, Koos, an avid artist and snake lover, was diagnosed with lung cancer a few years later.

Ilana says her father passed away during the early hours of yesterday morning after he fainted.

“He had collapsed and we had called an ambulance,” she explains.

“He passed away at 4.30am, on his 61st birthday. My father was suffering from lung cancer.”

Koos leaves behind his wife, Rynette, Ilana, son Christiaan, 32, and one grandchild, Luc.

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