‘Strangled with a toaster cord’



May 11, 2016
‘Strangled with a toaster cord’

SAPS data typist Nosisa Sonjani, 47, whose decomposing body was found in her home at the SAPS Faure base. CREDIT: Supplied

Grim details of slain SAPS clerk's murder emerges

A police clerk, found dead in her house is believed to have been stabbed and strangled to death with an electrical cord of a toaster.

Cops appear to be no closer to solving the mystery surrounding the murder of data typist Nosisa Sonjani, 47, whose decomposing body was found in her home at the SAPS Faure base in Kleinvlei on Friday.

Police have not revealed how Nosisa was killed, or if any suspects have been identified.

However, her ex-husband, Colonel Sandile Sonjani, who is the Station Commander at Philippi-East Police Station, revealed to the Daily Voice that she was stabbed and strangled.

Nosisa and Colonel Sonjani have been divorced since 2007 and have four children together.

She had been in a two-year relationship with a coloured woman from Macassar, who had apparently been living with her on the base, according to her relatives.

Colonel Sonjani says that as per Nosisa’s a post-mortem, “she was strangled and she was stabbed, and there was a stab wound in her right breast”.

“We visited the morgue and the information of her post-mortem was handed over to the investigating officer,” he added.

Nosisa had been stationed at Khayelitsha Police Station and failed to report for duty last week Monday.

By Friday, her worried colleagues became suspicious and went to her house, where they found her lying on her stomach in her bedroom.

Nosisa’s lover was at the murder scene on Friday.

Sources said there was no forced entry into the house, and nothing appeared to be stolen.

Meanwhile, her nephew, Luvuyo Luk, 19, revealed they learnt about her death on Facebook.

He says he, Nosisa and a handful of relatives lived in the Western Cape, while the rest of the family resides in the Eastern Cape.

Luvuyo says: “We had to learn about this on Facebook and I was surprised when I read the comments of people saying she was living alone, when she lived with her girlfriend of two years. They each had a key.

“My aunt owned a construction company and a taxi business, which she just started and I last saw her on Easter Weekend..”

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