Stop hating Toetie

Stop hating Toetie

NEEDS A CHANCE: Allister Coetzee

Coetzee only starting his work with Bokke.

Is it really time to cut the losses on Allister Coetzee? I say no.

Yes, the Springboks are an embarrassment and South African rugby is the laughing stock of the world.

But the knives are out way too soon.

I’m hearing people say that Coetzee should be scouting players at club rugby games. Believe me if Toetie is looking for solutions at that level, then our rugby is in even bigger k** than we realise.

I’m hearing people say Toetie should be playing Garth April – after four Super Rugby starts.

I’m hearing Sergeal Petersen should have started against England – even though he got manhandled when defending his wing against the Barbarians two weeks ago.

And best of all they want me to tackle Coetzee for not picking enough players of colour, but when I do, they say I should be defending him because he is coloured.

Wat gat aan mense?

Obviously, losing is not good for our fans. They fight amongst themselves about the reasons that the Boks are failing.

But let me say this now, Bok rugby was going under long before Toetie took the reins.

I mean after Heyneke Meyer left, Saru bosses hadn’t even advertised the job – they basically passed the buck to Toetie.

It was his idea to call for the indaba in the first place.

It was basically the first thing that he did when he was appointed.

But in the end, it took SA rugby until after the shock of six games without a win before they could get together to come up with plan to help the arme Bokke.

The problems they identified at the meeting last month were already there for all to see.

Players lacked basic skills – on attack and defence.

Now the chickens have come home to roost. And things are not going to get better any time soon.

I’m talking about seeing players stepping opponents. Offloading in tackles. Support running. Stealing the ball at the ruck.

But when the players are receiving the ball at a standstill, shooting out of defence and can’t even catch a ball…

The problems are deep.

So let Toetie do his job. He has until 2019 to meet the target of a 50-percent transformed team that can compete.

What Toetie has achieved so far is uniting SA rugby in improving itself.

These players will improve over the course of next season and by then they would have had the experience of the harsh realities of international rugby.

And the pain and humiliation they are going through now can only serve them well in the long run.

Changing the coach when he has only put things into place is probably the dumbest thing.

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