Stemmet assault charge ‘dropped’



October 28, 2016
Stemmet assault charge ‘dropped’

KLOPSE BOSS: Richard Pot Stemmet was accused of moering two men

Father and son have allegedly withdrawn an assault charge against a klopse boss.

Charges of assault have apparently been withdrawn against a Klopse boss.

Pennsylvanians grootbaas Richard “Pot” Stemmet was accused of assaulting a father and son who had allegedly gone to him to enquire about car transfer documents.

Adam and Umar Kamaar told Daily Voice last month they were moered at Stemmet’s place of business, Hats for Africa in Wetton, by Stemmet and nine others.

They had pictures of their bruises and injuries and laid a charge with police.

But according to Stemmet’s lawyer, John Riley, the charge has since been withdrawn.

“Last week the complainants went to (Wynberg Magistrates’) court and indicated they wanted to withdraw the assault charge against Mr Stemmet. The charges were withdrawn as they said they did not wish to proceed with the issue. I believe it was resolved between the two parties,” says Riley.

Adam Kumaar claimed the issue started over the purchase of a Quantum van.

He said Umar bought the van at Zoe’s Car Dealership in Wetton Road and struggled for three weeks to get paperwork for it.

The van belonged to Stemmet’s son in law, and the men said they decided to go and see Stemmet to see if the matter could be resolved.

Adam claimed Stemmet parked them in, and they had a row.

“I told him all we want is the paperwork and he went nuts,” Adam said.

He claimed Stemmet hit him in the face with a lock on a lanyard.

At the time, Stemmet told Daily Voice the father and son were lying, while Riley said they had footage proving Stemmet was attacked first.

Neither Stemmet nor the Kamaars were available for comment yesterday. Neither the police nor the National Prosecuting Authority responded to Daily Voice queries to confirm if the matter has been withdrawn.

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