Stars come out for Taliep

Stars come out for Taliep

THEN: The late Taliep Petersen and son

Kramer, Loukmaan, Emo and more at tribute show.

The stage has been set for the biggest tribute show ever for slain music icon Taliep Petersen.

The Taliep Petersen 10th Anniversary Tribute, which is being staged by Taliep’s son Ashur, is happening on October 29 at GrandWest, and the star-studded line-up has finally been revealed.

The show is being directed by the award-winning Basil Appollis, and on stage will be Taliep’s friend and business partner David Kramer, son Ashur, his first wife Madeegha Anders, brothers Loukmaan and Emo Adams, Alistair Izobell, Karin Kortje and Vicky Sampson.

Others performers include Chad Saaiman, Jimmy Nevis, Neville D, Nur Abrahams, James Bhemgee, Sasha-Lee Davids, The Rockets, Top Dog SA and Jaloersbokkie.

The MC for the evening will be actress Shaleen Surtie Richards.

Loukmaan says a musical score is still being written.

“Basil is in the drawing boards and allocating songs and there’s a lot of excitement and everyone just wants to bring their A-game and make it as memorable as possible,” he says.

The 40-year old singer and actor, who had worked with Taliep since he was a child, adds: “It’s nice to see some young guys on the bill, he (Taliep) obviously inspired these young cats like Jimmy and Chad and obviously everyone wanted to work with him.”

Chad agrees and says: “We all grew up watching the shows, singing the songs and just experiencing it beyond the actual sound of the music.”

Jimmy adds: “In my Grade 11 year, I played Cassiem in my school’s version of District Six and it was one of the most supported shows that the school had ever held. It was a big moment for me in finding myself as a performer and actor.”

Vicky Sampson says it’s an honour to pay tribute to an icon like Taliep.

“I have great respect for the man and his work. Taliep Petersen was one of the few people of colour who achieved great things in the industry,” says Vicky.

Alistair Izobell, who along with Loukmaan and Emo travelled the world with Taliep’s award-winning shows, says: “The late Taliep Petersen and the amazing David Kramer still have massive threads in my life and career, the work that I do now is because they nurtured my career, my understanding of the gift that I have and of the craft that I now enjoy.”

The late Taliep was shot dead in his Athlone home by hitmen on December 16, 2006.

Tickets to the Taliep Petersen Tribute show cost R150-R350 available from Computicket.

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