Staggie in court



October 19, 2016
Staggie in court


The ex-Hard Livings gang leader made a brief appearance on charges relating to stolen goods.

Former gang boss Rashied Staggie’s legal team is desperate to have the charges against him dropped.

The ex-Hard Livings gang leader briefly appeared in the Cape Town Magistrates’ Court yesterday on charges relating to stolen items including expensive alcohol and cigars.

Staggie, Jayraj Pillay, 56, his son Michaheel Mahendra Pillay, 19, and Joao de Gouveia, 45, were pulled over near Canal Walk in April.

According to the State, the men were found in possession of 23 bottles of Johnnie Walker Green worth R20 000 and several boxes of larney Cuban cigars and British cigarettes.

Four licensed firearms, including a .22 revolver, a Taurus, and a Glock, were also found inside one of three larney vehicles.

The State alleges that the whiskey was linked to a container that was stolen at a depot in Johannesburg on April 20, with goods worth R10.5 million.

The case was postponed to November 18 pending submissions by the defence why the matter must be dropped.

The defence requested to see the charge sheet in order to make their submissions.

Staggie’s long-time friend Ivan Waldeck previously told the Daily Voice Staggie was in the middle of planning his 60th birthday when they were busted.

Staggie is currently employed as a motivational speaker, earning R5000 a month.

“I don’t know if it’s illegal to buy liquor today,” said Waldeck.

“There is no case against him, he did nothing wrong.”

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