‘Staff are also abused’



November 29, 2016
‘Staff are also abused’

CONTROVERSY: Wynberg Girls' High School abuse claims

Following allegations of abuse at Wynberg Girls' High School's hostel, a worker has come forward with more claims.

An employee at Wynberg Girls’ High School says learners are not the only people being abused.

This follows complaints by pupils residing at the Waterloo Hostel who have accused their superintendent of calling them the k-word, kissing and groping them and slut shaming them.

The Western Cape Department of Education officials met students last week to try to deal with the matter.

The Department’s Jessica Shelver says officials are still conducting interviews with learners this week.

“The Superintendent of the hostel was placed on special leave while the investigation is ongoing,” says Jessica.

But a worker at the hostel says she wants the probe to include staff members.

“She also called us names and called us useless, and white staff were preferred over blacks, they always got the top jobs,” says the woman who asked to remain anonymous.

“As workers we have also, as did the girls, taken our complaints to the Principal regarding the present Superintendent, but nothing came of it.

“At least three black Boarder Mistresses left the Hostel this year, due to her biased racism and verbal abuse.”

Another worker says management turned a blind eye to their complaints and applauded learners for coming forward.

“We have been complaining for as long as I have worked here (six years) and I am glad these young girls opened up the doors to this place so that all the dirty secrets they have been trying to keep locked away can be exposed,” she adds.

“Many learners were threatened that they would lose their scholarships if they said anything.”

Shelver confirmed staff would also be interviewed regarding the allegations.

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