‘Stabbed out of jealousy’



October 5, 2016
‘Stabbed out of jealousy’

SUSPECT: Kaylin Hendricks, 21, handed herself over to police

Woman arrested for ‘killing jolling berk’.

A 21-year-old woman has been arrested after she allegedly stabbed her boyfriend to death out of jealous rage.

Terence Mannies, 29, was at a party in Julia Street, Valhalla Park, on Saturday night when the suspect, Kaylin Hendricks, allegedly ran up to him, stabbed him in the chest and ran off.

Terence then ran after her, and the couple argued for a few minutes before he collapsed.

Neighbours say Kaylin had seen Terence “vrying with another girl” earlier that day.

His shocked sister Chantel, 26, says no one had realised that he had been stabbed.

“I ran to him and he was holding his hands to the wound, it was not bleeding all that much, but he had collapsed and he was rushed to Elsies River Day Hospital.

“The incident happened at 10.05pm and at 11pm, my brother was declared dead. We are all still in great shock at what happened,” says Chantel.

The couple had fought earlier in the day, witnesses say Terence had beaten Kaylin with his fists. Chantel says the arguments were “nothing new”.

And she insists Kaylin did not intentionally kill her brother.

“I went to her afterwards and she sat there crying, asking where my brother was, and could not believe she had killed him. I felt so sorry for her. I know she did not mean to kill him. She had been drinking and anger and hurt kan ’n mens boos maak,” says Chantel.

“She loved him, but was just very angry at him. I don’t know what they’ve been fighting about.” 

VICTIM: Terence Mannies, 29

According to neighbours, who asked not to be identified, Kaylin was angry at Terence because “he had been jolling”.

Kaylin handed herself over to Bishop Lavis SAPS and appeared in court on Monday.

She is being held at Pollsmoor Prison until her bail application next Monday.

Police spokesperson Captain FC van Wyk confirms a murder investigation is underway.

“It is reported that the 29-year-old victim was at a party in Julia Street, Valhalla Park, drinking with his brother and his 21-year-old girlfriend, when suddenly the victim and his girlfriend were arguing and the suspect stabbed him once in the chest,” says Van Wyk.

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