Stabbed 98 times



November 28, 2016
Stabbed 98 times

BUTCHERED: Lekita Moore, 19

Court hears horrific details of Lekita’s slaughter and suspect’s other charges.

Family and friends of murdered Valhalla Park teen Lekita Moore were reeling in shock after several bombshells were dropped in court.

There were emotional scenes in the Bishop Lavis Magistrates’ Court on Friday as the 20-year old man accused of killing Lekita, 19, applied for bail.

Some people left the courtroom in tears as details of her brutal killing were brought to light for the first time.

The investigating officer, Detective Elton Loggenstein, testified that the meisie had been stabbed 98 times, and that her alleged killer, Cameron Wilson, has six cases pending against him, ranging from murder and attempted murder to rape and assault, registered in 2014.

“One of the victims he raped and attempted to kill is his own cousin,” said Loggenstein.

Police also found a bloody jacket, which matched Lekita’s blood, at Wilson’s house.

The girl’s friend, Xavier Bester, 19, who was found dead on the same field where Lekita had been found, has now also been implicated in her murder.

Loggenstein revealed that another young woman will testify that she was attacked by Wilson and Bester earlier that night.

However, the victim was so traumatised that she had a nervous breakdown.

“She fears for her life, but has agreed to give her statement this coming week,” he said.

Lekita’s naked body was found in Tuna Road on 11 September, near the informal settlement known as 8ste Laan in Valhalla Park.

Loggenstein said the pretty young woman was stabbed 98 times in her back, face, neck, head and private parts.

Her nipples had been sliced off and parts of her vagina cut away.

Her legs were left wide apart, and semen was visible on and inside her vagina.

Investigations led cops to Wilson’s house in Heinz Park, but he wasn’t home.

“At the time we learned he was (Lekita’s) boyfriend, but had a girlfriend and child,” explained Loggenstein.

“We found the jacket Lekita’s sister, Mercia, 21, identified as what he had worn the night before, covered in blood.

“Preliminary DNA results show the blood belongs to Lekita.”

SUSPECT: Cameron Wilson has six pending cases

Arguing for his client’s release, lawyer Advocate Nico Janse van Rensberg said Wilson was not a flight risk, nor a danger to witnesses.

“A person is innocent until proven guilty and he was let out on bail for all previous charges against him as a minor,” he stated.

“Furthermore besides the forensic evidence, there is not a single witness to the crime.”

But outside court, Mercia told the Daily Voice she fears for her life.

“If he gets out and I think he will, he will come for me because he knows I am a witness now. I am so afraid for my family, “ she says, looking at her shell-shocked parents, Charl and Shireen.

Angry community members vowed to take the law into their own hands should Wilson be granted bail.

“Hy sal vrek, laat hy uitkom, die gemors,” they shouted.

The outcome of the bail application will be announced on December 13 and Wilson is due back at the Cape High Court on 8 December for his other charges.

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