GOEIE TYE: Blitzbokke

The gold medal won at the Commonwealth Games two years ago doesn’t mean the Blitzbokke know what it takes to win Olympic gold.

According to captain Kyle Brown, the experience in Rio will be like nothing they’ve experienced before.

He explains: “You can never re-enact the Commonwealth Games experience anyway, so we won’t even try.

“All we try and do is to enjoy the experience. That is what we try to do wherever we go.

“But from what we’ve heard, the Olympics is on another scale altogether.

“We got a small taste of it during the Commonwealth Games, so we can’t wait to be there.”

He adds: “The Commonwealth experience was enlightening. It was just a cool experience, because you never get the chance to be part of a big team like this.

“You realise, when you talk to athletes, and gymnasts and swimmers that we are all after the same thing, ultimately.”