Sam quits Palace job



May 25, 2017
Sam quits Palace job

Sam Allardyce

Big Sam Allardyce shocked Crystal Palace by resigning from his post as manager after he guided the team to safety last season.

Allardyce says that the past season with Palace has been a gruelling one for him both mentally and physically and he is grateful he had the chance to repair the damage caused by his short stint as England manager.

In a surprise statement on Tuesday night, the 62-year-old said: “I felt I needed another shot at being a Premier League manager and in helping to achieve something. Palace gave me the chance of rehabilitation.”

In his time as a top-flight manager, Allardyce has coached clubs such as Bolton, Sunderland, Newcastle and West Ham, however he has ruled out taking a new job anytime soon.

“I have no ambitions to take another job, I simply want to be able to enjoy all the things you cannot really enjoy with the 24/7 demands of managing any football club, let alone one in the Premier League.

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