TRENDING: Chad le Clos and Michael #PhelpsFace

When newbie Chad le Clos surprised the world by beating swimming champ Michael Phelps in the London 2012 Olympic Games, the American had a tough time living down the humiliation.

So it was no surprise that he gave Le Clos the death stare in the call room ahead of the 200m butterfly semifinal at the Rio Olympics this week.

The South African champ didn’t help matters by shadowboxing in front of Phelps.

Phelps’ epic “death stare” was caught on camera, and the internet went mal, sparking the hashtag #PhelpsFace and memes galore.

@KittyVonKeato tweeted: “When you could have bought chocolate earlier and you’re mad at your past self #PhelpsFace”

And @_TheKitchens tweeted: “When your boss insists you work through lunch today... #PhelpsFace”

Sadly for Le Clos, he could only manage fourth place when the 200m race was over, and Americans stuck it to him.

Local comedian Siv Ngesi tweeted: “American Twitter Killing Chad! Chad Le Slow they call him!”

The real shade came from @Goodman_Nxumalo who said: “I can’t be trolled by American Twitter regarding #chadleclos when they don’t even know that Africa is a continent & about to elect Trump!”

After clinching his 21st gold medal in the butterfly race, Phelps said remembering the humiliation of 2012 spurred him on to win.