No more FA-Cups



May 20, 2016
No more  FA-Cups

LOSING NOT AN OPTION: Louis van Gaal. CREDIT: Sourced

LVG: United must win silverware

Louis van Gaal says Manchester United must win their FA Cup final showdown with Crystal Palace tomorrow (6.30pm).

United are aiming to win their first trophy since Alex Ferguson delivered the 2013 Premier League title when they go to Wembley.

And even though reports suggest that Jose Mourinho is waiting in the wings should LVG fail to make up for missing out Champions League qualification, the Dutchman says there is no other option for a club of United’s stature.

He says: “I think the interest of the club is much more important and the interest of the fans is more important than those of the manager.

“A club like Manchester United needs silverware.

“I have read that the last FA Cup was 2004 so it’s a long time ago, so also for Manchester United it’s a big title I think, especially as it was a long time ago.

“A qualification is not a title. A title is the FA Cup or championship, because they can look and hold the trophy, so that’s an exciting moment also.

“It is a while since we won anything, so it’s very good if we win something.”

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