‘Lions must roar’



April 13, 2017
‘Lions must roar’

NO DISRUPTIONS: Lions boss Johan Ackermann

Johan Ackermann has called on his players to enjoy the remaining few weeks they have together as a team before he heads to England.

Ackermann announced last week that he would swop Ellis Park for Gloucester at the end of this year’s competition.

But he says his decision didn’t distrupt his team’s preparation for Saturday’s clash against the Stormers at Newlands.

The Lions mentor explains: “Nothing has changed. There’s no difference this week compared to any other week.

“The atmosphere is the same, the routine is the same and the big thing is, the players are now at peace.

“They may have been unsure about the situation a few weeks ago, but they now know where they stand and what is happening.

“If there was some restlessness a few weeks ago, there is now peace and I want all of us to enjoy the remaining time we have together.”

He adds: “My situation shouldn’t affect the players.

“They know I will give 100 percent to the team in the coming months and I expect them to give everything as well. There’s no reason why it should be any different.”

The only difference is assistant coaches Swys de Bruin and JP Ferreira might take a little more charge on the training ground than has been the case up to now because they are certainly the frontrunners to be in charge of the Currie Cup team once Ackermann heads abroad.

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