BOSS: Muhsin Ertugral. CREDIT: Sourced
John Comitis is back to haunt Ajax Cape Town with his new football club, but he insists his club is for the good of the Mother City game.

Comitis has bought PSL club Black Aces and will be relocating his Muhsin Ertugral-coached side to the Cape.

And he hopes to make his new club a team young players can aspire to play for.

He tells IOL Sport: “I sometimes think that I’ve taken on a really big task, but I’m happy that I’ve been able to make this happen for the football people of the Cape.

“During my time working in setting up the youth structures for FC Cape Town, I saw that people were desperate for unity in football in the Cape.

“Everybody just wants to protect his own little area and, as a result, Cape football as a whole suffers.

“I want this new club to be inclusive, and ready and available to serve all of Cape Town.”

As for where they would play their home games next season, Comitis adds: “We will still be meeting with the City of Cape Town to discuss where we will be playing - we want the club to be accessible to all.”