Speed cop



May 23, 2016
Speed cop

HIGH-SPEED CHASE: Louw is a track champ.

Cape Flats police captain shatters records from 800m to marathon.

Whoever thinks police are vetgatte who love their KFC and can’t run to save their lives has not met this record-breaking cop.

When she is not fighting crime on the Cape Flats, Captain Marie Louw is on the road training for her next big marathon.

The 50-year-old long distance runner set several new records at the National Police Athletics Championships which took place in Bloemfontein last week.

Captain Louw, who is stationed at the Bishop Lavis police station as the communications officer, was chosen to represent the Western Cape at the annual event.

And the 2013/14 National SAPS Sportswoman of the Year het behoorlik die rekords laat spat.

The fleet-footed cop set three new records and won the 5000m, 1500m, 800m and Free State inter-provincial cross country races.

“I set a record of 21 minutes, down from 27 minutes, in the 5000m,” an elated Captain Louw tells the Daily Voice.

She also improved on the 1500m record by two whole minutes, finishing it in 5:50, while in the 800m race, she shaved 17 seconds off the previous record of 3:17.

“This year the police’s cross country event coincided with the inter-provincial race so I came first for the police in my group in the 4km race,” she adds.

Captain Louw, who also has 11 Two Oceans Marathons and five Comrades Marathons under her belt, has been running since she was at school, even competing with the world-famous South African long-distance champ, Zola Budd.

“Zola and I ran together,” Captain Louw boasts.

“I won’t say I am better than her, she is a legend in her own right,” she laughs.

She attributes her success to the hours of “hard work” she puts in, but didn’t expect to do so well.

“I recently turned 50 years old and when you get older you don’t expect it, so you just train hard and do your best,” she says.

“The hard work pays off in the end. It’s always nice when the younger police women come to me after these events and say I am a role model to them and they want to be like me.”

The next event on her running calender is the National Police Half Marathon which takes place in Port Elizabeth in October.

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