Sorry for panty ‘joke’



May 25, 2016
Sorry for panty ‘joke’

UPSET: Gershwin Daniels shamed on Facebook. CREDIT: Patrick Louw

Prankster claims his Facebook was hacked

The man who posted a photo of a “panty thief” on Facebook now claims his account was hacked.

Mushfiek “Fiekie” Jacobs, 22, says the pervy skelm is actually his friend, and he now wants to publicly apologise to him for the embarrassment he caused.

Last week Jacobs allegedly posted a photo on the Kensington/Factreton Anti-Crime Forum, claiming he had caught a thief red-handed, stealing his wife’s onderklere.

The photo was captioned: “People please be vigilant, caught this guy red-handed stealing my wife’s panties from the washing line.”

But it turns out the “thief” was actually his friend, Gershwin “Cheesy” Daniels, 30.

Last week Gershwin told the Daily Voice he was a victim of a sick prank his friends had played on him during a night of heavy drinking.

The post was liked and shared dozens of times on Facebook.

While he was aware that Jacobs had photographed him, he didn’t think he would post it online.

In fact, Gershwin was so angry that he was ready to open a case of crimen injuria against his own bra.

But he later changed his mind when Jacobs came to apologise to him, instead asking for a public apology, which must be published in the Daily Voice.

Jacobs hou vol that his Facebook account had been hacked, and that he wasn’t even married for his “wife’s” panties to be stolen.

Desperate to set the record straight, he contacted the Daily Voice this week to say sorry.

Jacobs said: “Family and friends, due to huge misunderstanding, I do apologise to the Daniels family, especially to Gershwin, I would never do anything like this to any friend and I am so sorry for everything.

“We went to the Daniels family to apologise as we were unaware of this and everything was sorted out.”

He has also deleted the post from Facebook.

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