Sold short



May 19, 2016
Sold short


De Sa resigned to losing his best Ajax players regularly.

Ajax Cape Town will continue to sell off their brightest and best. That’s just the way it is, says coach Roger de Sa.

With veteran midfielder Granwald Scott leaving the club in January, club captain Travis Graham has revealed that he is ready to move on.

Graham tells kickoff: “Personally I feel I’m ready to make the next big step.

“I’ve been with Ajax most of my career and have grown immensely. I’ve learnt a heck of a lot during my time at Ikamva.

“I have not had any contact from any club in Joburg yet, but should Kaizer Chiefs or Orlando Pirates come knocking, I’ll be ready to make that step. I’m honestly very flattered by these reports.”

If the big offer comes in for the all-action midfielder, De Sa says he won’t stand in the 23-year-old’s way.

And the coach explains that Ajax will always develop talent as a development club – it’s the club’s business model, it’s in their DNA.

The former Orlando Pirates boss says: “A lot has been said about that, a lot have commented.

“But if you look at a club like Ajax, a development club, a selling club, we can’t run away from that, it’s a sustainable method.

“We don’t rely on a club owner that’s going to keep us competitive, we want to make ourselves competitive with our youth structure.

“Our youth structure gives us hope all the time. Unfortunately we do have to sell to keep the club alive and sustain ourselves.

“We have won a cup [MTN8], and for a club like ours, if you’ve won a cup every year and you survive and you’re doing pretty well, obviously you’re not more ambitious than that.

“We want to do better, we tasted it, we want to go forward, we want to be in more cup finals and be competitive.

“We won in Amsterdam as you know and the team reached the Bayhill final.

“We obviously got our eye on a lot of the young players to improve our squad in different areas and I think that’s where we fall short sometimes, |competition for a certain position. Hopefully next year will be better.”

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