Solange gets naked in new vid

Solange gets naked in new vid

STRIP: Solange covered in gold in Cranes in the Sky video

The younger Knowles sister shows she's as bold as Beyoncé when it comes to her music.

Solange has followed in big sis Beyonce’s footsteps to create an album to tackle social ills facing black people in America.

And she does it completely naked.

Hot on the heels of Beyonce’s Lemon – about racism and police brutality towards African Americans – Solange dropped A Seat At The Table, her first album in four years.

The 30-year-old R&B star released two new songs, called Don’t Touch My Hair and Cranes In The Sky.

And it’s the Cranes video that has Solange stripping off all her clothes and covering herself in gold body paint, sitting on a rock in the desert singing her heart out.

On the singer’s official website, the songs are described as “a musical representation of the spirit within an unapologetically Black woman who is not interested in remaining silent in a critical time of identity, empowerment, grief, healing and self-expression – let alone, artistic expression”.

Sjoe, that’s a mouthful.

In Don’t Touch My Hair, she experiments with different hairstyles to promote natural looks.

And it’s a real family affair – Solange features the voices of her dad Matthew Knowles and mom Tina Lawson on the song.

She says: “When I think about this record, I think about my mother starting her hair salon in the garage of our home and the amount of countless hours that she spent on her feet to take it from there to a place with 25 employees and becoming one of the most popular, successful salons in Houston.”

Big sis Beyonce wrote on Instagram: “Congrats to my sister on creating this beautiful work of art. I could not be more proud of you!”

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