Smartie town lit up



October 4, 2016
Smartie town lit up

RELIEF: Smartie Town residents are grateful to have power CREDIT: Patrick Louw/Daily Voice

Last week the Delft residents were able to flip a light switch for the first time.

After living in the dark for nearly a year, residents of “Smartie Town” in Delft can now finally see the light after the installation of electricity last week.

Muslim residents contacted the Daily Voice in June to say they would be having a cold and miserable Labarang after the City of Cape Town failed to connect them to the grid seven months after they moved in.

The 20 families, who are mainly over the age of 50 and disabled, said criminals took advantage of the dark to rob them.

Luqmaan Brett, 56, and his wife Gaironessa Saban, 50, moved into their neat two-bedroom home in December but had been unable to use their TV, fridge or oven.

But last week, their faces lit up when they flipped a light switch in their home for the first time.

Another resident Mishkah Mustafah, 27, says she and many pensioners have been left in debt trying to cope without power.

“After nearly a year without electricity I am relieved for this, although like many pensioners, I have spent more money on gas and candles than anything else.

“Every night I had to borrow because I am unemployed and have to use my SASSA money to pay people back.

“The City’s Mayoral Committee Member for Human Settlements, Benedicta van Minnen, said in June that power would be installed by end of September.

She said this week the electrification process was near completion.

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