Smallville in De Kelders



October 10, 2016
Smallville in De Kelders

SMALL WORLD: Fire,petrol and police station lines the driveway

Couple’s miniature dorpie is a big attraction in Gansbaai.

A miniature  dorpie that boasts its own fire station, cop shop, two churches and even a farm has mense streaming to the Overberg.

The mini town even has its own 7de Laan, complete with the popular Afrikaans soapie’s Deli, Hillside Times, O’Malley’s pub and Felicity’s Boutique where tiny garments can be seen through the window.

In the past year, more than 2 500 mense have come to gawk at the impressive handiwork of Coenie and Christa van Dyk in De Kelders, near Gansbaai.

“That’s only the people we know about,” laughs Christa.

Her husband Coenie, 72, a retired farmer, started creating the charming dorpie in their garden about 10 years ago after they retired from farming.

“I started with the windmill and fountain,” explains Coenie, whose hobby has featured in several newspapers as well as the TV show Pasella.

Coenie uses sandstone to build perfect replicas of existing buildings and makes the tractors, trains, farming tools, and furniture himself, while Christa, a deft hand at needlework, made the curtains, bedding, pillows and duvets for the dollhouse which even boasts a bath and toilet that Coenie made from clay.

Christa also made the fancy outfits hanging in Eclectic E in the Laan and the firefighters’ outfits hanging in the mini fire station.

What makes the klein dorpie so eye-catching is the loving attention to detail, like the little benches and altar of the Baardskeerdersbos church.

A wooden dog lifting its leg to pee is one of many small surprises dotted around the little town.

Farm scenes, complete with a sheep lying ready to be slaughtered, bags of grain next to the mill, piglets suckling on their mother, tractors and tiny farming tools all pay tribute to the many years Coenie spent as a farmer in the Overberg.

Lights and a bubbling fountain all add to making things even more realistic at night, all the dorpie needs is the residents of Lilliput.

“He does it out of love for people and to give them pleasure,” says Christa.

Everybody is welcome to visit them free of charge but Christa and Coenie have only one rule, due to the delicate nature of the structures: “You can watch, but do not touch,” warns Christa.

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