Slam Dunkin for being too sweet

Slam Dunkin for being too sweet

SWEET TREAT: Razaan Karriem enjoyed her decorated donuts Pictures by PATRICK LOUW

Local doughnuts don’t overdo sugar like American franchise.

Since  the opening of Dunkin Donuts, my Facebook timeline has been filled with check-ins.

Elke Jan Rap en sy maatjie eet nou skielik net Dunkin Donuts.

Honestly, I didn’t know (or care) that there was a grand opening at N1 City until a colleague mentioned that he was on his way there.

Hours later he returned to the office with a serving of diabetes in a box which he shared with all of us in klein stukkies.

For the next several days the check-ins kept coming so I had to see for myself what the hype was about, and to check in of course.

I mean, if people are willing to swap their cosy beds for a hard floor outside a doughnut joint then it must be good, right?

All I knew about Dunkin Donuts is what I’ve seen in the movies – it’s the fat American cops’ snack of choice while waiting to pounce on a suspect.

I liked their colourful display of doughnuts when I walked into their new store.

Since I don’t really have a sweet tooth, I looked for a doughnut that wasn’t going to put me in a sugar coma after the first bite.

The lemon meringue looked like it would cause the least damage.

The lemon filling evened out the sweetness of the icing.

Good thing I ordered a bottle of water beforehand to wash down the sugar.

The giemba in me made me try the cookies and cream one which has a topping of crushed Oreo and a custard-like filling.

But it was too sweet for me.

So I checked out of Dunkin with my own serving of diabetes in a box which I happily shared with whoever doesn’t care about their waistline.

For a more subtle doughnut with just the right amount of sweet, I prefer Doughnuts in the Golden Acre.

I simply love their sugar and cinnamon, and even their plain doughnuts.

It’s always glazed with just the right amount of syrup, and it’s perfect with a cup of coffee to start the morning.

It’s easy to see why there’s always a queue outside that shop in the morning.

Elke doughnut maak jou net meer lus!

What they lack in their colourful display, they certainly make up for in taste.

When it comes to sweet treats, for me, less is more.

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