Simply the best!

Simply the best!

TALENTED TRIO: George brothers Mujahid, Yazeed and Mogamad

Local talent that never disappoints.

This past weekend I saw one of Cape Town’s favourite sons, Mujahid George, celebrate 20 years in music. Since Mujahid is now 28, one can say he has been singing and performing for most of his life – and Cape Town fans have supported him all of the way!

Mujahid’s trademark song is the Tina Turner hit classic Simply The Best – and it is what many a fan eagerly awaits for him to perform at every appearance he makes.

And he never disappoints! Not in his performance nor in his professionalism.

Mujahid started singing at the age of eight. His first performance was at a school concert of Schotcheskloof Primary.

Like many of our great talents, he moved on to the klopse competitions and has also successfully performed at various events overseas.

Though Mujahid is a professional performer, he is also one of those performers who gives back to his community when and where he can.

Mujahid has a great work ethic and attributes this to his father, Yaseen George.

“My father has always been very strict when it comes to being disciplined and committed in our work,” he says.

“If we take on a gig – whether free or paid – we have to honour it. I am extremely grateful to my parents, Yaseen and Moseda George, for all the sacrifices they have made for me, but also for the humility and respect for others that they instilled in me.”

There was not a dry eye in the house when Mujahid thanked his parents on Friday night and paid tribute to his first inspiration, his elder brother, Yazeed “Georgie Boy” George. “My boeta was my first singing hero. He travelled the world with his musical talent and I wanted to be just like him,” he told the audience.

“Sadly, my boeta faced problems with substance addiction, but he is clean [now] and on the road to recovery. We make du’ah that the Almighty guides and protects all recovering addicts Inshallah.

He added: “My boeta will always be my hero.”

There was also a very special moment when Mujahid thanked his wife Farzaana for her unconditional love and support.

“She is an amazing wife and mother to our children, Esa [four] and Saarah [eight months]. I know that being the wife of an artist isn’t easy, but she does it with grace. I love and thank her for that.”


Oooh, I just love a man who can so publicly declare his love for his wife! Eat your heart out girls!

Friday night’s event was also filled with other amazing talent, with the likes of fantastic new kid on the block, Sitaarah, the incomparable Sophia Foster and Madeegha Anders, Nuraan Boltman and the amazing Waseef Piekaan – wat my laat lag dat ek skoons my doekie wil afhaal!

The highlight for me, though, was seeing all three George brothers – Yazeed, Mujahid and Mogamad – perform together. This is one talented trio!

According to Mujahid, this celebration of 20 years in showbiz would not have been possible without the likes of DJ Moosa, The Choice Drug Counselling services, AJ Promotions, the performing artists and most of all – his loyal fans.


“I need to say a huge shukran and thank you to everyone who has supported me in my career. Special thanks to amazing mentors like and inspirations like Zayn Adam, Basil Appolis, Godfrey Vollenhoven and my fellow Cape Town artists.

“But my greatest thanks must go to the people of Cape Town who have supported me through the years. My fans are SIMPLY THE BEST!”

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