Silence of the witness



September 28, 2016
Silence of the witness

MURDERED: Celine Jacobs. 29

An Ocean View mom of three 'stalked and wiped out by hitmen'.

A mom of three who was a state witness in a murder case has been wiped out.

Relatives claim hitmen had been stalking Celine Jacobs for months before she was killed on Monday night in Hydra Avenue, Ocean View.

The 29-year-old had been shot four times in the chest and hip just before 2am.

Family members say Celine witnessed the murders of newlyweds, Leonardo Fortune, 31, and Shannon Fortune, 31, in December 2015 in Pypie Court, Leo Street, in Ocean View.

A third victim, Kim Roberts, 31, was also killed in the attack.

The couple, who had been married for just two weeks, were standing next to a staircase when gunmen rushed passed them and opened fire.

Leonardo was a well known fisherman in the area, while Shannon was a cashier at Pick n Pay Longbeach Mall.

Four men, aged 23, 24, 25 and 33, were bust days after the shooting.

Celine’s sister, 33, says: “Celine knew what happened but she didn’t want to be a witness, she was scared.”

She believes the hitmen were convinced Celine was a piemper because she had regularly been seen at court, but it was for her own cases ranging from fraud to housebreaking.

“The last time my mother saw her was the evening at 9pm when she came looking for painkillers,” explains the sister.

“We received a message later the evening that she had been shot four times and that between 10 and 20 bullets had been used on her.

“How they killed her was evil, she was innocent.”

The sister says Celine was constantly being “cornered” by skurke.

“A month ago she was shot in the arm and they fired six shots at her that day, she was walking near a primary school,” says the sister.

“She was still healing two weeks ago when gunmen shot at her near her boyfriend’s home.

“Before her death, she also told two hitmen, ‘julle kan nie wag nie om my te skiet nie, nuh’.”

“They knew if she gave a statement, they would sit for a long time.

Captain FC van Wyk confirms a case of murder has been opened, and no arrests have been made.

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