‘Shower once a week’



November 2, 2016
‘Shower once a week’

MINISTER: Mokonyane

Water and Sanitation Minister urges SA to save water.

Water and Sanitation Minister Nomvula Mokonyane caused a stink yesterday when she told South Africans the current water crisis can be solved if people took a bath only once a week.

She advised mense to consider this as the ultimate solution if we want to preserve our reservoirs.

“South Africa is facing a very difficult time at the moment and we are not getting enough rain and dams are running dry. We urge all South Africans to save water,” said the minister.

“We request all South Africans to bath only once a week, until our dams have enough water.”

A resident on a farm in Limpopo agreed with her and said when he was a kid it was only necessary to bath once a week.

“We were not unhygienic, this is just how most of us lived in the 1960s and I do not remember any horrible body odours resulting from it. I should have stuck to the old ways,” the man told African News Updates.

But Twitter tweets went bos and immediately started making gat of the suggestion.

@stunkle saying: “In a bid to #savewater I’m prepared to shower with my neighbour’s wife, I’m sure he’ll understand.”

@CityofJoburgZA suggested: “Shower or bath in groups. #savewater.”

@IsThisBetterYet replied: “@CityofJoburgZA, I suggested this to my neighbour and now have a restraining order thanks”

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