Shove and marriage



September 26, 2016
Shove and marriage

Owner and his wife at Philippi police station CREDIT: Manqoba Ngidi

Wedding hall owner bust after ‘kids are pushed down stairs’.

The owner of Barron’s Estate & Caterers is being accused of pushing two boys down stairs during a wedding.

The 57-year-old man is due to appear at the Athlone Magistrates’ Court on a charge of common assault today.

The boys, aged nine and 10, are the son and nephew of a well-known construction company boss.

The accused, who cannot be identified until his appearance at court, was taken to Philippi Police Station on Saturday night where he was charged and released on a warning to be at court today.

The nine-year-old’s father, of Plattekloof, who asked not to be identified to protect his son, says he was the MC at a relative’s wedding at the larney estate in Schaapkraal when the drama unfolded.

On its website, Barron’s promises “good food, stunning decor and excellent service, in the tranquil surroundings of the country.”

The dad, 39, says he had sent the two boys to the prayer room upstairs to call the other children for a family photograph.

He says the boys came back crying, but he thought they had a fight and asked his wife to sort it out.

“They [told my wife] it was the owner of Barron’s Estate who hit them as they walked down the stairs,” says the dad.

“He came from behind them and hit them on the back and my son fell down two steps and fell onto his hand which left a flesh wound. My nephew managed to grab the railing.”

His wife, 35, says she confronted the owner.

“I asked him what they broke because the room where the children were playing just had a mat. He was excessively arrogant and said it was his property and he will do as he wishes.”

“Despite the children crying, he didn’t apologise.”

The dad went to go lay a charge at Philippi Police Station: “The Station Commander, Lieutenant Desmond Laing, who came on duty, took our statements and sent his members to fetch the owner and to bring him to the police station.

Police spokesman André Traut confirmed the case.

The owner has denied the allegations, telling Daily Voice: “It is all false accusations at this point.

“I also have evidence, I didn’t do anything. I will be appearing at court tomorrow.

“Further than that, I have no comment.”

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