Shot in the back



September 26, 2016
Shot in the back

GRIEF-STRICKEN: Raybin's mom Zelna Oktober

A 24-year-old man was shot off his bike in Lavender Hill.

A young father was shot by suspected gangsters who targeted him from behind.

Raybin Retief, 24, was sitting on his bicycle, speaking to a friend when he was attacked in St Christopher Road, Lavender Hill.

He died shortly after arriving at the hospital on Saturday night.

His mother, Zelna Oktober, 52, says she doesn’t understand why her son was attacked because he did not belong to a gang.

He leaves behind a two-year-old daughter.

She says they heard the gunshots, and someone came to tell them Raybin was shot.

“I turned back and told my husband to go because I didn’t have the heart to see my son like that,” the mom says.

An eyewitness told the family a white bakkie passed Raybin when they opened fire.

“The person he was talking to saw the bakkie and noticed them looking at Raybin,” says Zelna.

“His friend couldn’t push Raybin out of the way because he was holding a baby.

“So they shot Raybin from behind. He was hit in his head, neck, back and chest area.”

Police spokesman Lieutenant Colonel André Traut says police are investigating.

“(Saturday) at 6.35pm, a man was shot and killed in St Christopher Street, Lavender Hill, by an unknown suspect who is yet to be arrested.”

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