Shooting for the stars



October 13, 2016
Shooting for the stars

WINNERS: Tasreeq and Chadwin Johnson

Young pool players need help raising funds for world championships.

These youngsters from Retreat are hoping to chalk up their pool cues and shoot to England for the pool game of their dreams.

Chadwin Johnson, 17, Tasreeq Martin, 12, and 12 other teammates have just returned from the National Billiards Championships in Mpumalanga where the duo made the cut for the South African team.

In June 2017, Team SA will travel to Blackpool in the UK to compete in the World Championships.

It’s a bittersweet moment for Chadwin who was also selected last year but due to a lack of funds, he couldn’t go.

But the sharp shooter says this time around he will do everything in his power to make the trip.

The youngsters are training harder and also raising funds to make the England trip a reality.

“After school we play for three or four hours,” says Chadwin.

“And every Sunday we play in the league, so there’s always a game.”

Tasreeq says that being one of the youngest pool players does have its advantages.

“You get people who look at you and think you’re just a little boy, then when you beat them they can’t believe it,” he smiles.

Chadwin’s dad Donovan Johnson says he desperately wants sponsors to take pool more seriously.

“We have a mother body, the Western Province Pool Union, and they do their best but we need more support.”

By the end of March 2017, the players need to have raised R25 000 to be able to represent SA.

If you would like help the players please contact Donovan at 078 725 1864.

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